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These Terms of Business are intended to govern the business relations between Handy Trading S.A. and its clients. Based on these Terms of Business, Handy Trading S.A shall provide you with various services such as seller services, mediator with buyer, indirect supplier of raw materials, wholesale, importer, and exporter of goods (all grouped under “International Commerce”).


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Essential Terms

Accounts: Refers to any profile created in one of our current/previous services where your data was used to create a baseline of the customer/individual navigating the site.

Affiliates: official attachments or connections (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization (Handy Trading S.A. for this agreement).

Cookies: A Cookie is a randomly generated unique number placed on your computer. It allows us to identify your computer without requiring your disclosure of any Non-Public Personal Information. Cookies make it possible to both store and retrieve information through your internet browser. A Cookie itself cannot read information off a hard drive or read Cookie files from other sites.

General Information: is information that does not itself reveal your identity. General Information may include, without limitation: generic business type; information derived from publicly available databases, user behavior on our website; and aggregated generic information.

Non-Public Personal Information:  is any non-public information you provide to us or our Partners that is proprietary or identifies or can be used to identify, contact, or locate you or someone at your business. Non-Public Personal Information may include, without limitation: name; address; phone number; e-mail address; credit card number; account information; voting behavior; spending patterns; and individual tastes and preferences.

Partners: are individuals or entities we engage to help us carry out our mission.

Third-Party: refers to any additional, non-essential members involved in a process of the website´s functionality but provide a supporting role when conducting business matters.

Collection & Use of Information

Handy Trading S.A. collects general information and non-public personal information, as well as cookies to understand traffic of our site. Non-public personal information is collected through registration or contact forms on this site and will never be used for any purpose other than internal use or by our partners unless the registrant chooses to be added to mailing lists when available (this is a choice made by the registrant on the Registration/contact form).

General information is gathered using cookies and server-based tracking systems to view the traffic and usage of the website, provided by WordPress features, third-party tools (i.e., plugins) and services for data encryption and protection As Cookies are not every person´s commodity, we agree and reinforce that you are more than welcome to reject our cookies at any time.

Some third-party plug-ins or similar applications that we embedded may collect your personal information. If you use the services provided by such third parties in our services, you agree that they will directly collect and process your information. The embedment of third-party plug-ins may vary according to individual services. For the details on the embedment of third-party plug-ins in a specific individual service, please visit the corresponding service page and check the specific terms and relevant pages for each individual service.

If Handy Trading S.A. has reason to believe that your Account information is untrue, inaccurate, out-of-date, or incomplete, Handy Trading S.A. reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to suspend or terminate your Account or services. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your Account, whether authorized by you or not, and you must keep your Account information secure regarding any of our current and/or, including without limitation your customer number/login, password, and Payment Method(s) for present and future services.

Management of Information

As your general and non-public personal information are essential for conducting business, we strive to provide the best mechanisms for optimizing our customers´ experiences and protect your information to the best of our team´s ability. As such, we detail the primary ways your data is used:

1. Member profiling : We mainly collect your email address, country, name, company name, mobile phone number (depending on the information provided when reaching out for requesting a sale or a purchase) and sourcing products, type of company, annual purchase volume, purchase frequency and other information. We may manage profiles for our customers based on the combination of one or more of the above options to provide you with page displays and recommend personalized contents that better meet your needs.

2. Marketing activities : If you win a prize in a lottery or coupon collection activity, the winner’s name, phone number, receiving address, and nickname must also be provided, so that we can contact you when distributing the prize, but we will release the information on the winner in an anonymized manner.

3. Advertisement push : To better provide you with recommendation services, we may, through methods including but not limited to system notifications, short messages, and emails, reasonably send you commercial advertisements, the latest management and product information on the platform, and other service notifications that registered users must be informed of, or show you personalized third-party promotional information through the system. In case You do not wish to receive such information, you can unsubscribe through the corresponding unsubscribe function or the staff directly.

4. Customer Services : When you contact us, we may record the conversation between you and us and collect other necessary information required for solving the problem to verify your identity and help you solve the problem (either by contact forms, emails, or additional methods of communication). This is done to best keep our customers up to date with their business activities, communicating with sellers and buyers, and guaranteeing the best customer experience.

5. Validation of Identity : We may use your personal information to verify your identity, to prevent, detect, and investigate possible frauds or acts endangering security or violating laws or agreements with or policies or rules of us or affiliates, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of you, other users, us, or affiliates.

6. Surveys : We could invite you to participate in surveys about our products and services, to improve your user experience and our service quality.

7. Transaction Correlation: We may combine personal information and transaction information from a certain service with information obtained from other services for comprehensive statistics, analysis, or processing, to provide you with more personalized services.

8. Correction/Deletion of Information : If the information you provide includes the personal information of other users, you need to ensure that you have obtained legal authorization before providing such personal information. If children’s personal information is involved, you need to obtain the consent of guardians corresponding to such children before publishing. Should this not be the case here, we are required to correct or delete content involving children’s or other unauthorized disclosed personal information.

9. Additional : There could be other circumstances where your information could be used, such as when communicating with affiliates, third parties involved in a service, or collaborating with authorities in an investigation, depending on the needs of the situation.

Changing Non-Public Personal Information

Handy Trading S.A. provides you with the opportunity to change your non-public personal information online for all registration information. Please contact the offices of Handy Trading S.A. to change any non-public personal information provided to us through an email you may have from our personnel, or the contact form on our website.

Expect any changes to primary contact information to be reflected within three to five business days from the request is submitted. Any contact information from staff that may longer work on your company is hereby announced as your duty to notify us, as Handy Trading S.A will only make changes or reveal non-public personal information either by request of the customer or with pertinent court of law requests documented from local or foreign authorities.

Deleting Non-Public Personal Information

You can access and manage your information by inquiring, correcting, and supplementing your information by right. You can also request us to delete personal information if:

1. Our processing of personal information violates laws and regulations.

2. We collect and use your personal information without your explicit consent.

3. Our processing of personal information seriously violates the agreement with you.

4. You no longer use our products or services, or you voluntarily cancel your account.

5. We no longer provide you with products or services forever.

If we decide to respond to your deletion request, we will also notify the entities who have obtained your personal information from us as many as possible and require them to delete such information in a timely manner (unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, or such entities have independently obtained your authorization).

After you delete or we assist you in deleting the relevant information, due to applicable laws and security technologies, we may not be able to immediately delete the corresponding information from the backup system. We will safely store your personal information and isolate it from any further processing until the backup can be cleared or such information can be anonymized.

Transfer of Data Internationally

To access some of the features of this Site or use some of the Services, you will have to create an Account or provide us with your essential details. You represent and warrant to Handy Trading S.A. that all information you submit when you create your Account is accurate, current, and complete, and that you will keep your Account information accurate, current, and complete. If you are visiting this site from a country other than the country in which our servers are located, your communications with us may result in the transfer of information (including your Account information) across international boundaries. By visiting this Site and communicating electronically with us, you consent to such transfers.

Privacy Policy Changes

Any changes to this privacy policy will be posted here and unless otherwise noted on our website, and updates provided on the Privacy Policy are not as common. We do recommend periodically revisiting this agreement, as anytime a law is passed and enacted in a region where we conduct business, expect the corresponding amendments to be reflected on this Privacy Policy for compliance.

Last Updated: Januray 1, 2024

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